Tuesday, September 24, 2013

New Times, Palm Con, Geeks, Bullies and Lousy Journalism

Supergirl and Robin having fun at Palm Con! Photo courtesy of Palm Con. Photo Credit: Jack Graziano
As some of you guys may be aware, there was a comic show up in West Palm Beach this past Saturday (September 21, 2013) called Palm Con. it was a one day show in its 3rd year. They had most of the local (Broward/Palm Beach) artists, vendors, stores, etc... in attendance, with 2 cool guests brought in for good measure (Deep Roy and Ethan Van Sciver). It cost $7 in advance for the day and $9 at the door. It was a good, old fashioned, family friendly comic book show. We (the FSC team) helped support them, put a bunch of posts on our social media, helped arrange a guest and tried to provide moral support to the organizer, our friend Martin Pierro. It wasn’t meant to be San Diego Comic Con... nor was it meant to be Supercon... it was meant to be Palm Con, a one day, $7 - $9 show, where geeks like us could fly our freak flags, buy some stuff, see our friends and celebrate the things we love. 

For those who want to be totally up to speed, here’s a link to the Palm Con Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Palmcon-The-Palm-Beach-County-Comic-Book-and-Collectibles-Show/319762808133237 and here’s a link to the Palm Con 2013 Event Page https://www.facebook.com/events/421951117925052/

Some logistical facts: The show was held at the Palm Beach County Convention Center from 10:00am until 6:00pm, took up a 50,000 sq. foot hall, had just over 2,300 attendees for the day, and the costume contest had 94 entries. Why that matters will become relevant later on in this blog.

I believe that most attendees had a good (if not great) time. I believe that most vendors and artists had a good (if not great) experience. Are there complainers? Of course... you’re dealing with comic book convention folk... there will always be whiners. I hear them whine at our shows, I hear them whine at San Diego Comic Con... it’s just the nature of the beast. But all that being said, it is my understanding that a most everyone walked away with the warm and fuzzies... well... almost everyone....

Changing gears for a second. Most people who live in South Florida are aware of New Times. But for those who don’t, here are some basics. New Times is the local alternative weekly newspaper. There used to be 2, but City Link (formally XS Magazine for those old enough to remember) stopped publishing last year. It’s the type of thing you find in those boxes on street corners, and local businesses that have some local papers by the front door. Once upon a time local alternative papers were a big deal... that was before Al Gore invented the inter-webs. They’ve suffered over the last decade or so as publishing has declined... but they have a website that has some amount of traffic, and they still print the paper... but it gets smaller and smaller every few months. For someone like me who loves the print medium, and actually got paid (for a short time) as a journalist (a LONG time ago for a LONG gone paper called the Sun Tattler) its really kind of tragic. 

So... where does New Times fit into the story? One of their reporters, or bloggers as they seem to be called these days, wrote a scathing article about Palm Con on the New Times website. Now, they are entitled to publish whatever they like... but this article crossed a few lines... especially when New Times is supposed to be “legitimate” journalism. 

It is titled “PalmCon Probably the Most Depressing Comic Book Convention in History” and it is offensive on many levels. After reading it, I was pretty annoyed. I chose not to make any statements, as I did not want to bring any attention the the article, the writer, or even the New Times. A LOT of other people were pissed too... and they made it known. I’ve seen hundreds of comments on the net, including in the comments section of the article. I will admit, some of the responses are pretty mean... but when you stir up a hornets nest, you need to expect to get stung. Following the response, the blogger in question made another snarky and mean spirited blog entitled “PalmCon Response: Why Would Nerds Cyberbully Little Old Me?”
at http://blogs.browardpalmbeach.com/pulp/2013/09/comments_accusing_palmcon_post.php#more

After reading the response, I felt the need to write this blog and make a few declarations of my own.

In the first article, the writer, Allie Conti, opens with the following statement:

“PalmCon is one of the most depressing places I've ever been to in my life. It was basically like going to a mall in which every store sells the same couple of dust-covered items and every person looks like they work at Hot Topic. I had sort-of high hopes for my first comic book convention -- not because I like comics (ew) but because I really love dumb hats and costumes.”

So... in her first paragraph, I can already figure out 99% of the problem with why she did not enjoy Palm Con. This was her first comic con (or show), and I can make an educated guess that based on what she has seen in the media in the past, she was expecting something like San Diego Comic Con, New York Comic Con, or hell... even Florida Supercon. That is not what this show is about. This is a classic, meat and potatoes, old school comic show. One day, cheap ticket, in and out, have a good time, spend a few bucks, hang out with some friends kind of thing... and on that level it was a HUGE success. You see... shows like Supercon are 3-4 day mega events... with hundreds of guests, vendors, events, etc... shows like Palm Con are very different. Tickets to the big shows cost big show prices... For example Supercon is $30 a day and up to $70 for a 4 day pass. It’s worth it... we put on a hell of a show, have 650+ events over 4 days, hundreds of guests, take up 5x - 10x the space, etc. Palm Con was $7 advance and $9 at the door. It was advertised as a one day show, and for a $7 - $9 one day show IT DELIVERED! But only if your expectations were reasonable. It is my belief that Ms. Conti did not do the research needed to understand what she was walking into... or at least do the research at the show or after. She seems to feel that all comic cons need to be able to match up next to each other... and that just isn’t the case. Moving past that... it’s also a little upsetting that New Times would send someone to a comic con that thinks comics are “ew” (her word, not mine) and is only interested in dumb hats and costumes. So basically, she came to the show looking for geeks to dress up and parade in front of her for her own personal amusement. 

Funny... this doesn't look like a nursing home. Looks like a bunch of people, of all ages hanging out at a comic show. Check out the Tardis in the background & Ghostbusters car. Photo Courtesy of Palm Con. Photo Credit: Jack Graziano
She follows up with complaining about the lack of people dressed up. I’m sorry... I didn’t realize I HAD to dress up to go to a comic book show. There was over 2,300 attendees... it seems that Ms. Conti believes that it should be mandatory for us geeks to dress up for her amusement. I can say as fact, that there were 94 entrants (look kids... call back time) to the costume contest, and far more attendees in costume at the show. But none of that should matter! 1,000 people in costume or 1 person in costume.... this show was never billed as a cosplay runway show. 

Her third paragraph blasts other attendees having fun. She states “That said, some people there were having a lot of fun. I don't understand it -- but hey, I really wish stacks of old Duck Tales comics were enough to shake me from my jadedness and misery.” Wow! I didn’t realize we were only allowed to have fun if Allie is included. How do you respond to that? She was baffled that people were enjoying themselves. She continues with “There's a critical distinction between anime conventions and comic book conventions, which is something I didn't understand before making the drive up to West Palm. People tend to dress up more for anime-related events than comic book ones.” Ok... she admits that she wasn’t aware of what to expect... and had pre-conceived notions about what to expect... but again, she’s coming to a comic book show, expecting a parade of cosplayers for her personal enjoyment. Everything she has written so far I could ignore. It’s the ramblings of an ignorant person, who walked into the wrong room, at the wrong time, with the wrong expectations. It’s the next sentence that begins the trail of tears, so to speak. Figuratively and literally. 

Her words: “Given that PalmCon gave off the same vibe as a nursing home, the few people who attempted to wear special outfits made me want to cry. They roughly fit into five categories. Bless all of their hearts, collectively.”

Ok... now we’re going down a bad path here... To hell with the nursing home comment. Yes, it’s mean spirited and offensive. It’s not true.. there was music playing on the speakers all day with movie theme songs and instrumentals. There were enough people in the room to give it some life. Yes, it is a comic show, and comic people tend to not be the most lively and exciting people in the world.. but who cares? That’s the point of comic shows and cons.. for people to be able to go someplace and feel like they fit in, have a good time, and NOT be judged for being a geek. Well... I can say and feel whatever I want... and so can Allie Conti... because this is where the JUDGING begins... and where any relationship Florida Supercon has with New Times ends.

Apparently “the few people who attempted to wear special outfits made me want to cry.” So... now its personal. This is where Ms. Conti proceeds to put herself above the rest of the attendees and mock the actual thing she came to the show to see. It’s in this sentence that she clearly shows her intent all along... to poke fun at the geeks and nerds that attend events like this.

Ms. Conti proceeds to post photos... photos of attendees happy to stop for a picture by a member of the “press”. Little did they know that the “press” was going to use the photos to make a mockery of them and humiliate them publicly. 

She first mocks a guy in a really nice Green Power Ranger costume. She calls his commitment to MMPR fandom misplaced and questions anyone that actually cares about the Power Rangers. First off... I can say with some knowledge on the subject that A LOT of people care. We had the real Green Ranger, Jason David Frank, at Supercon this year... and he had HUGE lines! In fact, we had six guests from the Power Ranger world and they all did great. We had THOUSANDS of fans come to see them. THOUSANDS. Apparently Ms. Conti feels superior to ALL of them. The Power Rangers are celebrating their 20th anniversary this year. The franchise has made billions... but just because Ms. Conti isn’t a fan, it makes anyone who is misguided. I personally am not a fan. I was too old when it came out, and it never resonated with me... but for the people who love it... GOOD! If you love the show, that’s awesome! Who the hell is she to pass judgement on a group of hundreds of thousands (millions?) of people just because she doesn’t enjoy the same thing as them?
This is the Power Ranger cosplayer that Ms. Conti mocks in her article. I personally think it looks great!
He's a fan of a show, and he looks great in the costume. What's wrong with that?
Photo courtesy of Palm Con. Photo Credit: Jack Graziano
Who cares about the Power Rangers? The people who came to meet Najee De-Tiege,
Kevin the Blue Power Ranger from Power Rangers Super Samurai, one of the guests at Palm Con.
Photo courtesy of Palm Con. Photo Credit: Jack Graziano
Next up is a public shaming for a woman wearing a gothic / victorian type of outfit. Ms. Conti titles this “Women Looking for an Excuse to Wear Revealing Costumes”. She insults a woman who is in a costume, that is not really that revealing, makes absurd statements about women who wear sexy costumes at Halloween, and makes derogatory comments about men who took pictures of her at the show. Apparently Ms. Conti wants everyone to dress up... but only in costumes she approves of... and no one is allowed to take pictures unless they fit a certain, unspecified criteria.

Her third pic is of some guy in a flack vest, with a wig and a fake gun... it’s a lousy picture, and I don’t get the point of taking it, except to mock the guy. Ms. Conti claims he wanted to have his picture taken and files him under the category of attention-seeking diva... Isn’t this the same Ms. Conti that wanted to come to the show just to see people in costume who wanted their picture take? It’s just a ridiculous comment, about a ridiculous picture, by a so called journalist who is really just running the picture to make fun of the guy. Congrats Ms. Conti... you get to be superior and make fun of the guy in your blog. I hope it makes you feel big and strong to mock him on a supposed news site.

The forth picture is the worst.. and really upsets me more than anything else said to this point. It’s a picture of three young adults. 2 girls and a guy. They’re posing for Ms. Conti. One girl has red dyed hair and a Spider-Man shirt on (Mary Jane cosplay?). The second girl is wearing a gothic lolita outfit with some makeup to look like a corpse. The guy is in a t-shirt and jeans. Ms. Conti puts them under the category of “Mallrat Kids.”, with the following statement “Oh man, your mom only gave you $10 to spend at Hot Topic? Mine too, and she said I have to get picked up in front of the food court at 8! It's tough to be a tween.” I know these kids. I’ve seen them at comic stores around town. They genuinely like this stuff. They’re good kids. There’s nothing inappropriate in their behavior or dress. And, there is certainly no reason for Ms. Conti to make fun of them on a website that is supposed to serve the community. It is here that she proves that she is in fact a mean spirited bully, using her blog pulpit to tear down others that are having a little bit of fun. It is this exact moment that I made the decision that unless something was done by New Times editorial that I would never support New Times ever again, on any level. 

And we’re not done yet.. it just gets better....

The next smug comment isn’t really that exciting. It’s a girl in a Pikachu cosplay, with her boyfriend holding her while they smile for the camera. He is wearing a Pikachu t-shirt. She files this under Cutesy Couples. Which I agree with.. it’s the next comment where she has to make the smug comment making fun of the guy for having Pikachu on his shirt, and how weird it would be to have a shirt with your girlfriends face on it. Yes... that would be weird... that’s not what’s going on here, but Ms. Conti can’t stop from making with the smug.

And that was the end of the first article. After it ran, it started to get circulated among our community. I don’t think there were any positive comments... at least none that I can find. People that I normally disagree with on EVERYTHING  even made comments in defense of the show and the people in the pictures. There were some really rough comments made too... some people crossed lines in attacking Ms. Conti as well. But, like I said above... stir up a hornets nest and you’re going to get stung.

Well.. You didn’t think Ms. Conti was going to take that laying down, did you? Don’t be silly... 

Today at 3:02pm... her next blog went up on the New Times website. The bastion of South Florida journalism... the voice of the people... at 3:02pm Ms. Conti used her position and pulpit to mock our little community even further. 

Her response blog is at http://blogs.browardpalmbeach.com/pulp/2013/09/comments_accusing_palmcon_post.php#more titled "PalmCon Response: Why Would Nerds Cyberbully Little Old Me?"

To start.. the title is misleading. Palm Con response? Palm Con didn’t make a response. Martin Pierro, the organizer of Palm Con did not make any statements or comments. All comments were from attendees of the show, not the show organizer himself. I know this because i’ve been in contact with Martin during the entire situation.  As for “Nerds Cyberbully Little Old Me?”... no... you cyber bullied them Ms. Conti... and when they stood up for themselves and called you out on your snark you accuse them of bullying you. Look in the mirror. Seriously... you picked the fight... don’t blame the kid in the playground for fighting back after you gave him a bloody nose.

She starts off with calling the response “cyberweirdness”. What’s weird about having a vocal reaction to a ridiculously mean spirited blog post on a supposedly legitimate journalistic website? Did Ms. Conti expect the people she made fun of, their friends, and their community not to express their opinion of her snarky article? Did she think that no one would see it except mean spirited people like her? Did she not think that people wouldn’t take offense at her poking fun and mocking people who were having a good time in a safe, family friendly environment? 

She first posts a misleading picture. It’s a picture from the front of the show, made to look like the show is empty. It’s a cowardly act. I can say that when the show first opened at 10:00am it was slow... there were maybe 200 people there. I told Martin, just like I tell every promoter... don’t open at 10:00am unless you expect a LOT of people. It looks bad. The sweet spot for a show is noon to 3:00pm... that’s when you have the most people in a room... and that’s when Palm Con had the bulk of their 2,300+ attendees. This picture was obviously taken early in the morning, and from the front of the show to show off the big open area in the front. 

I can show this picture from the costume contest stage taken later in the day to make it look like the place was packed. 
Photo courtesy of Palm Con. Photo Credit: Jack Graziano
It’s all perspective and timing. She’s now purposely trying to minimize the show by not giving a clear picture. She fails as a journalist by doing this. The truth of the matter is that it wasn’t packed.. but it wasn’t empty. There were, in fact, 2,300+ attendees. Far more than Ms. Conti wants to give Palm Con credit for.

When she addresses the several emails and comments that call for her to resign or be fired, she responds with a snarky comment about “the low turnout and general lack of fun at this year's PalmCon.” and jokes that she has been force to leave her post, followed by “LOL. Kidding! That would be absurd, nerds.”

First off, if Ms. Conti had done any research, she would learn that Palm Con had 1,100 attendees in 2012 and 2,300+ attendees in 2013. An over 100% increase in attendance. That sounds pretty good to me. No, it’s not the 125,000+ that San Diego Comic Con gets or even the 25,000+ that Supercon gets, but it’s still a healthy number for Palm Con. But Ms. Conti expects and demands more! 2,300+ just isn’t good enough for her, and everyone needs to be shamed because of it. As for lack of fun... plenty of people had fun. Just check out the comments on the Palm Con Facebook pages (posted above). She ends her opening statement by calling anyone who disagrees with her a nerd. Classy... really classy Ms. Conti. 

Her next statement is a rambling mess... she calls Watchmen and The Killing Joke literature, and that her comment in the original post, that she found comics "ew" was meant as sarcasm. I read the original post... it didn’t sound like sarcasm. It sounded like “ew”... just like it was written. It’s nice that she likes things written by Alan Moore thirty years ago. That doesn’t make her spiteful comments any more acceptable. 

She blasts Palm Con for a lack of merchandise and entertainment, even at the $9 price point. I have no problem with her having that opinion. I have no problem with her expressing that in print. I do however have a problem when she decided to make it personal and post photos of attendees for the sole purpose of mocking them and embarrassing them in a public arena. That’s her sin. It is unacceptable, on any level, for her to use her bully pulpit in the manner that it was used.

She comments that Palm Beach County's comics enthusiasts deserve better than what Palm Con delivered. Is Ms. Conti aware that Palm Con is the first real comic event in West Palm in years (decades?). Martin Pierro is attempting to build something in an area that has gone unserved for a LONG time. You have to start somewhere. The first Supercon had 1,500 attendees. We had 25,800 this year. San Diego Comic Con had a few hundred at their early shows. They now have over 125,000. Palm Con had 1,100 people last year and 2,300 this year. If the people of Palm Beach County continue to support the show, it can grow and hopefully one day live up the expectations of Ms. Conti. But Rome wasn’t built in a day.

She uses the rest of the post to point out some of the harsher comments to her first blog. Comments that attacked her appearance, her name and her credentials as a writer. Some of those comments are out of line. But it doesn’t excuse her original behavior. She at no point takes responsibility for what she did. It’s ok that she poked fun at people and our community... but shame on anyone who fights back. 

Well... that’s just not going to fly with me. 

I’m offended. Again, not because she didn’t enjoy Palm Con. No... she made it personal when she made fun of our people. And New Times made it personal when they let her do it, without responding or putting a stop to it.

Each year, New Times sales reps call me up and bug me to spend money with them to advertise Supercon. I stopped advertising in the print version years ago, but occasionally throw a few bucks into digital advertising. That stops now. I will not spend another dollar with New Times going forward. I will not approve any press pass requests from New Times going forward (and there are a LOT of those). I will not send a press release to New Times ever again. And I will make it known that I do not support New Times, as they support the bullying of our community.

If you want to make your voice heard, and let New Times know that you will not stand for their writers using their website and paper to humiliate our community, there are several things we can do.

Post, post and post about how unhappy you are that they allow this kind of behavior.

2. Contact the Editors and let them know you are upset
Managing Editor Deirdra Funcheon
Editorial Operations Manager Keith Hollar

Editorial Administrator Holly Castillo

3. Contact the advertisers in New Times, both the online and print version and let them know you will not support them if they continue to give money to an ugly institution that thinks its better than you are.

4. If you have a business, the next time a desperate New Times sales rep calls you, tell them to shove it, and tell them why.

5. If you know a business that carries the print version of the paper, convince them to toss the rag in the garbage and cease to help them distribute their petty paper.

6. Call the New Times office and bombard them with calls and messages expressing your outrage for allowing their writers to mock our community. 954-342-7700

7. Write them letters expressing your outrage
2450 Hollywood Blvd, Ste 301-A, Hollywood, Fl 33020

8. Spread the message online about what happened. Let people know that New Times is using their power to humiliate and mock geeks like us.

All I can do is vote with my dollars and my voice. I hope you do the same. I also hope that New Times and Ms. Conti learn that its not appropriate to use their paper and website to bully and humiliate people for their own edification. 

If you can think of anything else... let us know! 

Thank you,
Mike Broder
Florida Supercon
Animate! Miami


  1. Thank you Mike for your post. This means a lot to me and the other people who were at the show and whose pictures were posted and then mocked. This is my first year of going to cons and Palm Con was only my second one. This incident doesn't make me not want to go to them, but rather enforces my wanting to go to more. This community stood behind not just me, (the one in the Victorian-esque outfit), but everyone who attended.

    That so many complete strangers would see the inherent wrongness of this situation and not just care, but openly defend is really heartening and, hell I'll get mushy with it, inspiring.

    That you would call out the publication and choose not to advertise with them anymore is a big deal and it means a lot. From all the people who had an AMAZING time at Palm Con (both attendees and vendors) thank you. I can't wait to visit my first Super Con and please pass on to Mr. Pierro that I will be the first one in line at next years Palm Con.

    Much love and respect,
    Leah Turner

    1. Leah, thank you. You looked great in the pic. Welcome to the family :)

    2. Leah, your steampunk outfit was STUNNING. Sorry I didn't get a chance to tell you while we were there. I will make sure to come over and say hello at the next con we do together.

      Mich (Professor Trelawney at the show)

  2. Kudos Mike for the post, and also to all of the folks who put Palm Con together, the vendors, guests and participants for making a great event.

    I haven't been to a convention in more than 5 years. I used to be a sometime vendor, but more so an avid fan of comics and fandom. Conventions have always been about getting together with other people who are passionate about their thing, and wanting to share that passion. It has always been about community.

    So, it is surprising that in this day and age of ever-growing inclusiveness, that someone can still think it is acceptable to single out a particular community for ridicule.

    In the past 5 years my family has grown. I am married now with two small children. Palm Con 2013 was a return for me, and a "first" for my kids and wife. And let me tell you, we had a GREAT time! My wife was excited to see the Ghostbusters car and all of the cosplayers. My 5yo daughter was excited to take a picture with R2, and asked me, "Dad is that the REAL R2?" (Of course it is!). And my 1 year old son was fascinated by Darth Vader until he actually turned and looked at him. As for me, I loved being in the scene again, talking with vendors, flipping through boxes and finding a couple of Silver Age gems. The highlight for me was without question talking with Allen Bellman. What a great guy, and a gem himself.

    Since Saturday, Palm Con has been the talk of the house. My wife is excited for us to start selling at shows, and is asking if we can cosplay for the next show.

    So, for a show in its 3rd year, Palm Con in my book was an overwhelming success. Everyone was having a great time, vendors and guests were happy, and it reminded me of why I love this community. Isn't that what's really important?

    Keep up the great work everyone and see you at the next show!

    1. Thank you George! Glad you enjoyed Palm Con. I'm sure Martin (the organizer) appreciates your kind words

  3. That article has me absolutely infuriated! How dare that woman ask for photos and then repay those that obliged her by mocking the people she photographed. (Im most concerned with the minors in the photos as I know how cruel other kids can be, especially when given the ammo by adults such as is the case here.)
    Now they call the whole thing "a joke"? Well frankly, it was a mean-spirited and humorless joke (at best) that never should have been printed.
    Kudos to you for nixing your business with this dreadful publication! I applaud you for sending a powerful and meaningful message. I hope other cons and businesses follow your lead.

  4. Mike, thanks so much for this article. Palmcon was the first time I had ever worked at a Con, I was so nervous, but everyone from Martin to the attendees made me feel right at home. I am going to call advertisers today once my little one is in school. I love the solidarity in our little geek community!

  5. I've actually enjoyed going to conventions since Animate! Miami 2013 and I find that cosplaying is not only supportive of your favorite show/comic book/anime/etc.....but also pretty damn cool. However, for some people to have the nerve to go to a convention, bash everyone who attended and then act like a douche & take no responsibility for it is completely ridiculous. I got bullied a lot when I was in school, and I didn't like it. I started attending conventions this year and I actually had fun, and after I read this blog I can promise you I will never support New Times for this load of crap they allowed to pass as an "article"

  6. As an author, reviewer and colorist conventions are my opportunity to “meet and greet” with fans both new and old. It is also a chance to hang out with others who share my passions for all things imaginative. So how a show like PALMCON got ridiculed in this way is beyond belief. As a reviewer and writer, I am all for freedom of speech. However when that speech is used to slander or harm others this is something I just cannot condone.
    I was an “Attending Artist” at PALMCON 2013 and here is my take on this “controversial” event.
    1. All the tables next to me or any that I saw did not have “dusty” or “tired” items, perhaps the reviewer has never seen “Collectables”.
    2. Some of the cosplayers may have not been dressed in over the top costumes, but they were dressed up and from what I could tell having a blast.
    3. More than one attendee came over to the table that I was at and told me how much fun they were having at the convention. For many of them it was also their first convention.
    4. Were their opportunities for PALMCON staff to do better? Sure, but keep in mind this show is just beginning and it had also changed venues. I have been doing shows since 2006 and I have seen many succeed while many drifted away. I judge the success of a show by my own profits and most importantly on how much fun the ATTENDEES are having.
    Conventions are a place for creative and imaginative people to come together and share the things they love the most. It is a place where being “weird” is just the norm and quite okay! Outsiders who come to our community must show respect, because we certainly show it to each other at these events. It is okay to have an opinion but not at the expense of others who thought they were attending an event where it’s okay to dress up and have some imaginative fun. Shame on the reviewer who bad mouthed PalmCon and its growing family, perhaps you should just stay home next time.
    I am proud to say, that I was at PalmCon 2013!
    If PalmCon 2014 is a go…you will most definitely see me in attendance!
    Philip Lee McCall II
    "Imaginist" - Fantasy Author
    Buy my books @ Amazon or Barnes & Noble
    My websites: www.plmii.com